Celebrities and fake death

Written by Super User.

It seems to be trending this fake death thing. I thought maybe its just pranks by this people who don't actually love these celebrities that they fake death to kill their image. But it came to my senses that this is just publicity stunts. I realised that with these celebrity rumors one can actually make money out of their fake death.. how many people started following their craft after being informed that they have passed on.


People started to become their biggest fans, downloaded their music and pictures they actually started caring. I guess that is just an easy way to promote their work. Talk about pranks and people' s feelings. After all it’s immoral to joke about death but business wise u can cash in if you are an entertainer just like those fake pastor lying and bowling big time. To my surprise the celebrities just move on with their lives like nothing happened.

I would personally freak out if I found out that I’m rumored to be a dead lady walking... it’s more like a curse, maybe I’m too African or traditional maybe because I’m not cashing it in with such rumor. Since well the death business is the only way for making more money why would one miss that opportunity? I just wonder who is next. Can't wait to hear what kind of story will they put up this time.. lol.. But not all celebs are responsible for spreading their own deaths.. Some of these rumour are actually from some people who want to break some celebs.. Not cool at all!!!

Signed Botse Mabotja

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