New Generations Cast

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Since we know Generations people have been fired, I want to propose new people to replace them..

Here is my suggestion

DJ Cleo – Senzo

Donald – Jason

Rebecca Malope – Queen

Ricky Rick – Khapela

Toll ass Mo’s Wife – Mam Ruby

AKA – Prince

Glen Lewis – Keneth Mashaba

Lira – Khethiwe

Julius Malema – Choppa


You are free to suggest the others!!



Open Letter To Minnie And Khune

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I am writing this letter becos we fill worried and as the community becos we no longer see your lovie davie videos and photos inside instagram.  We don’t know this is becos your cameras have broken or the is serious problem in paradise. We feel that you guys must report bad times to us the same way you were reporting good times. Some people think that wena Minie you dumped Khune becos he didn’t qualify for world cup.

How to make him marry you

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Is sad to see lot of men dating the woman for more than three yes but they don’t marry them. I writed this to advise the ladys becos I care for them. You must not allow the man to finish your mileage for free. The problem of many womens is that they give man marriage benefits before they can marry them. You must not give him Kuk nas until he put the ring inside that finger. If you are already giving him and he is not married to you I feel sorry… He will never.

Another problem is that you stay with him and you cook for him without marring you. Some of you even give them head. Please move out and reduce the number of rounds you give him. If you use to give him three rounds, minus two and give him one. If five years have passed and he did not marry you I have one word for you… Forget. But this does not mean I am saying Arthur will not marry Chommie… we will never know.. One day is one day.

Another other thing is that you give this men children without marriage. Just look at Kelly now… Two childrens but Zero Husbands. Who will marry the woman which have two children with two fathers?? Some of you ladys the breasts have fallen but you have no husband to show for it.


Happy Mandela day

Love Sipho

Open Letter To Bafana Bafana

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Is because of you and your dance that we are not inside the World Cup. The only thing you know is to put selfies inside Instagram and greet people’s girl friends by touching them and kissing their lips. Bafana la swabisa. I even blocked all bafana players on my twitter. You must go to gym and stop tweeting!!! I’m sure if they can ask you to choose between going to the world cup and to Pop Bottles, you can choose Pop Botles. We are supposed to be in Brazil as the Defending hosts, but guess what? We are sitting here and watching game on TV. Yes we all agree that Brazil Open Saramony and their stadium was ugly, but they played nice. I wish Boko Haram can take you all and bring back our girls!!!

Love, Sipho

Open Letter To AKA

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Dear Also Known As

I hope this letter find you well and will bring you some hotness in this cold whether. The reason why I took time inside my busy schedule to write you the letter is becos I find some of your tweets distebing to the community. I am also famous but you don’t see me bregging about my famousibility.  You won the awards some years ago but I don’t think is good to remind us everyday. Remember its us your fence who put you there. Nas is coming tomorrow but you don’t see him talking about his gold teeth and how big he is. Even  Anne-Marrie on the picture above has gold teeth but she does not breg. Yes, you were king of SA Hip-hop but that was before K.O and Cassper Nyovest was born. I think the title of your next song must be “In my times” .

Yours inside good faith,