Open Letter To Khuli Chana

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Sooo…after the many nights of nightmeres and sleepnessless, my mother adviced me to write the letter to Khuli Chana. I hope some body is nice enoulettergh to pass this letter to him, because I don’t know his post address.

I Dont Blame Gupta!!

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We are worried about why Cupta landed inside Water airport. But mina I don’t blame the Cupta, I blame security inside the airport. Why they did not put the warning sign which say “No Cupta allowed”? Did they even check the passports of all the 270 Cuptas inside that Fly Machine? Some people also suspect Jacob. But why we must suspect Jacob for every bad things in the country? Anyway I think the nose of the Cupta bride is big…No! is humongous! But atlist her money is also humongous. You know what they say

Why they compare Jub Jub to Mandela?

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feel very ashame that they want to compare Jub Jub to Mandela when they give him 27 years. They might ass well take him to Roben Eye Land. The next thing they will be calling Tshabalala with Walter Sisulu’s name. I just like the people to comment to this blog and tell me they feel how about the sentence of Jub Jub.

I ask the people I work with how they feel and they said “Who is Jub Jub?”. Some they think Jub Jub is from America.  Mina I think if Jub Jub can behave nice he will receive Payroll. I think he will receive many love letters in prison. Maybe roses also! But in the serious note I think The judge is too hush on Jub Jub. 10 years is enough! Jub Jub is too cute to be inside prison. Is such a loss for the girls out there. I don’t know Tshabalala is cute or is ugly.

Sies!! If you beat womans!!

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Is does not matter what she have done, if you beat the woman you are the fool. All the mans who blacksem womans need help, sycological help. Or they must go to see sangoma. If you see your woman inside the bed with another man, don’t blacksem her, just go out side and cry you will fill better. Next of next week is start of activity against womans abuse and I just want to tell all ladys to report any beating to me. Mina I will solve him. I know he beat you and say it will not happen again..DAH!!  Nani you must stop dating stupid mans, you must choose careful when you choose boyfriend. I want to finish this blog with one question….You have ever been beated by the man before?

Fake Churches – Be careful!!

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I want receive this oppotunity to won the people about fake churchs and baruti ba ditsotsi.  This churches are just opened to make money from the people wich go there.  If you can skip month with out paying money they call you to make paying arengement. If you still you are not paying they can take you inside Credit Biro. The is one fake church I know and the name of their Pastor start with M. Some pastors they open super Markets inside church. But also the people must know that just becos the pastor have manicure, it does not mean his church is the fake!!! Hear are 4 ways to see if church is the fake.

   1. If pastor wa jola inside the church
   2. If pastor does not want people to pay with coins
   3. If Pastor have dreadlock
   4. If Paster have skinny jean