Jub Jub goes behind bus!!

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Yestaday judge said Jub jub and MThimabana they are guilty to murder the four children. Many people fill happy about this but mina I fill sorry Jub Jub. He is very beautiful and I am worried they will make him the woman when he arrive inside jail. I don’t know Themba is ugly or he is beautiful so I am not sure they will make him sis Themba when he arrive. I can advise Jub Jub to cut his hair before he go to jail otherwise they will make him Pushback or Maphondo.

I know they killed people but I fill they deseve another chance in life and the judge must not give them too much sentence. Maybe 5 years per person will be fine. And they can stay there for 2 years and be sick and recive Medicine Parole like Jeky.

Sipho Inside Macufe!!

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Tjo! My bones are still tired from jiving inside macufe this weekend. I ariive there with my taxi on Friday night and I gived two people the lift from Kroonstaad. I just want to tell the people about the Celebritys I saw at macufe. Friday inside Cubana I saw Makhaya Ntini dancing like the golf man and many people wanted to shoot with him. He is friendly shem, but he remind me of movie called The Gods Mast Be Grazy.

Satarday I saw Dineo Ranaka pregnant at Old Grey. She was playing with her friend running up and down, I wonder that does not hurt the baby? Last night I saw this guy of Soccer Zone…Andile.Girls don’t like him since he cut the dreads locks.

I also went to Mahungra but I didn’t see celebritys there, I just saw normal people and groupies!! To cut the long story small, it was nice weekend!!!

I hate neighbour which borrow too much

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My another problem is neighbours which like to borrow too much. Tomato sauce is the luxury and I don’t see any need to borrow it if you don’t have it.  Some neiboughs borrow money from you to pay you the money you borrowed them last month. Mina I feel embarrassed to even go to fetch the money if somebody owe me.

 If you know you don’t have something you must just accept and eat what you have. And mina next time the person come to borrow money from me I will tell them that I am not Capitek and give them Capitek phone number.

IPads inside Church, No No!!

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All of us know that FNB they has now made it easy for every body to own the IPad. But is irritating to see all of dem paging the ipad when mfudisi say we must page our bibles. Some  you will think they are paging the bible kanti they are busy poking thier friends on Facebook or “lolling” about mfindisi’s clothes.

Some people are even afraid to go to church becos they don’t have Ipads. Assemblif lets stop khothing inside church and take proper bibles. Does IPad even have new testament???

Abortion is not my favourite cup of coffee

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 The question is, why you make sex if you know u will run to clinic to aboshen the baby? Wena you can be happy if your mother aboshened you when you were born? That child you want to aboshen also have the write to live and enjoy life like you. Next time you think of aboshening a child start by abosheneng yourself first.

 If you don’t want to have the child then play away from sex. The condoms they are also not 99% safe. This topic is so sad to me because I survived aboshen before because the pills used were expired so they didn’t work. Thanks to that Pharmacy that sell expiry things I’m alive.