Open Letter To Boko Haram

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Dear Boko Haram,

The words can not explain how angry I fill about what you have done to our girls. We tried to tell you to bring them back and take Julius but you ignore us like we are speaking alone. Why you taked defenceless girls and not boys? Or you were afraid that boys would moer you? Boko Haram jou moer!! You desrve to be shooted like you friend Bin Laden.

If you want to talk I am in Nigeria right now. I have been popping bottles from Jozi to Lagos, you know. Are you even giving those girls food when they are there ? What if their boy friends are missing them, if they have them? O rata attention Boko Haram!!! America is looking for you and they are going to shoot your ass. Sizwe Dhlomo knows where you are hiding. We are going to find you. Please follow me on twitter I was to send you the DM.

Love Sipho

Why I will not vote for EFF and DA

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Maybe people think I don’t want to vote for EFF becos of the  woodwork issue, but No, is not the issue.. and is not even like I expected him to pass it. My issue with EFF is leck of the experience. Where was EFF on 2010 inside the world cup? Where was EFF when Caster needed help with the hamofrodite  issue?  Did EFF even exist when my 3 years old child was born? NO … Everybody know if you go to interview you must have some experience.

DA inside the other hand have me screaming “Nkosi Please deliver us from the SMSs!!’ Where did they receive my iPhone number without my phemision?? And the kisses that Helen is throwing around just becos is election. Did the people even give her the phemision to romance them? The people must not think we forgot  about what the past “White” government did to us!! Backwad Never!! Forward Ever!!!!!!

Comrade Sipho

Open Letter To Oscar

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We worried about how you are crying inside court, but that is not mean we are happy with what you did. We heard that you like to play with guns and you shooted the gun in the sunroof one day. What if that bullet came down and hitted a child on top of the head? We also heard that you shooted the gun inside the restaurant. What if that bullet fell on someone’s food? You where going to pay for that bill?

Another thing that keep us awake at night is what you did to Reeva. If you thought the were thiefs why you didn’t wake her up first? Even me as the taxi driver I know that if theifs are in my house I have to check where is my oomf before I can shoot. I honestly think you being stingy with the truth. Why did she lock the toilet if her life was not inside danger?

Oscar please ska re dira bana. But what can we say, you are proven innocent until you are guilty.

Love, Sipho

Open Letter To MetroFM

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Dear MetroFM

I told myself that I will never make open letters again because they make people catch High Blood. But today I fill forced to write it because of the soreness of my heart toward MetroFM. Is with broken heart and sorrowfulness to write this letter to you. I submitted my song to MetroFM to ask you to play it but I received a letter which say my song does not meet the “what what” requirement. Maybe MetroFM think my song is the Gimic that’s why they don’t want to play it, but that song of Good Enuf Sithole is always playing inside MetroFM.

I remember one morning Unathi waked me up on 7 in the morning because she wanted to make the interview with me to intertain her listeners. I was so tired that morning but for a sake of MetroFM and her listeners I waked up to make that interview. But today they can’t even play my song inside Never Hear Before. My followers, which are also listeners of MetroFM asked so many time to MetroFM that they want to hear my song…But who ever is driving MetroFM twitter account did not bother to answer them. When I did that song I thought Metro will be a first radio station to play it becos of a love I showed them. But my song passed Auckland Park and went to Bloemfontein to be played there first. Is fine!! I still love you MetroFM and Unathi and I will not take your Show to the Taxi Comittee before I can play it inside my taxi. My last question is… it is about The Music Committee or it is about the listeners??

Yours In Deep Sorrow, Sipho

Before I was Famous

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The things are diferent now that I am famous. Before I was famous, when I said Hallo to girls they use to say Bye Bye to me. I did not even have one friend, but now every body want to taste friendsheep with me. The people thought I was ugly now they see me inside TV and say I am sexy. Is true what Martin Luther once said “When the days are dack, even the friends are few”. I used to go about a year without making sex, now the week does not pass. To date the white girl was just the dream to me, now the white girls want to be seen with me and call me Prince Of Dube.

Inside conclusion, I just want to advise any person which is struggling to get friends or girls, to try to become famous. Just become famous and say good bye to masturbation!!!