Maftown Heights 2014

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So Maftown Heights 2014! 

I wonder if I can handle objectivity here?!

 So ok first thing is first – Logistics where a nightmare!

I mean someone reportedly stood in queue for up to 3 hours just to get a tag (My initial thoughts were… Ok dude… So wena when an hour passes nothing says: Hey waiting here isn’t working, let me try another way? Ok maybe I’m just a hustler nje.)

So anyway we bought our tickets from Computicket yet we still had to queue on a snail-moving queue in order to get accreditation... Brrr!

But we managed to hustle a "good" bouncer who charged us R200 in order to get tags which we already paid for. But alles all’s fair in Night Life, right?!

Sooo the better half of the night was spent queuing… Because getting drinks was also a mission nje but… Alles! Ok all that don't matter now.

Eish the worst part of the evening was being sprayed with pepper spray… Which felt like teargas from the apartheid days to be honest. - Note I’ve never experienced teargas before but I did history in high school so I’ve experienced it in theory.

OH MY Gosh the event was epic though… Skwatta went up – Shem they forgot their lyrics a bit but yeah like I said all that don't matter right now! It was great seeing them on stage like the good old days… Bozza still looked cute I must say. Seeing them brought some nostalgia. One couldn't help but reminisce of the young and folly days!

Then there was Reason – can we pause and smile for a moment tu - Oh my but that boy has the dreamiest eyes ever… Like… Eish! There I go dreaming! Is it me or does he have that Nas vibe going on? - Ok let’s snap back to reality.


 Khuli Chana was as great as can be expected, AKA as well – The stage production was off the heezy! World Class stuff!

 Tuks and Mo’Molemi aka Rra-Plaasi killed it! After their performance I was sure I could go home and fall asleep with a smile on my face! Those guys really make Setswana Fashionable (HHP voice). I love their music!

 And then Cassper went up! Gee Wizz but that guy is a performer hey. Self-proclaimed Prince of Maf-Town! The crowd went Buck! The Fireworks were Berserk… I swear it felt like Year End! He stood there taking it all in as he seemed to be in awe himself!

What an Epic Production and experience! To the Organizers of Maf-Town Heights; Well Done but lets fix that little entry hiccup for next year and going forward!

Tuks – My Love for you… Reignited!

Reason – Those Eyes though…(lets Insure them will we?!)

Mo’Molemi – You’re such a… The adjective to describe you hasn't been invented yet, but its good trust me, keep it up and don't change!

Cassper – I love your passion!

Maf-Town Height team – Can Kwesta be a Friend next year?  I think he’s pretty cool – he can hang with us.


All the performers were just Great... Superb!!!


Thanks for reading.

By @Neo_Rams

Neo Ramitshana

Bonang Matheba, the 'it' girl

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Many young girls wish to be like her one day. She keeps raising the bar to the extent that she leaves people dropping their jaws. Bonang matheba who is rumoured to be dating the popular house dj Euphonik is back on Metro fm after a huge squabble with the SABC.

The world cup brought a headache to SABC after Bonang decided to opt for a Supersport soccer show rather than the SABC soccer show. The well-known lady from the North West was offered staggering deals from these two rival channels. She hosted a show on Metro fm called "The Front Row". The former LIVE presenter joined the popular station after some time on the youthful station Yfm. The SABC decided to fire the Clash Of The Choirs’ host for choosing their rival channel.

She partnered with the likes of Sizwe Dlomo and AKA on the Supersport sports show during the 2014 World Cup. The Real Goboza presenter, Phat Joe, took over from Bonang after she failed to reach an agreement with SABC. Phat Joe co-hosted the show with Thato and the Naked DJ. This caused a lot of confusion on the public as to why would the SABC fire their favourite girl after she turned down their deal.

The Zulu (Zuma)empire

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The Presidential business family is making it big. From the first ladies to the sons and daughters to the nephews and siblings of the President even the the President himself. It was kind of a shock to realize that the son of the President Duduzane Zuma is in business with the Gupta empire business. Was the Gupta saga in South Africa just a way to smooth the family' s business deals with them or the son's  ?

But the President claimed he knew nothing but how does a friend visit you at your house yet you don't how and they leave their car in your garage without your permission. Yes you wouldn't know obviously because you were busy preparing for their visit. I thought working for the government means not being involved in the government tenders but isn't it obvious that being connected to someone in high places your name will just make a statement and things will just happen and deals will just be made .

A Look Into The Arms Deal

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The arms deal procurement commission, or the Seriti commission as it has come to be known by the public and the media, has been a centre of attraction with naysayers pointing out that the commission is a waste of public resources and others being vocal and calling on those implicated to be convicted of fraud and corruption.

Ever since its announcement by the State President in October 24 2011, the commission has taken many twists and turns. It has been in the public domain over allegations of improper working relations and as a result, one member of the commission, Judge Legodi, of the North Gauteng High Court has since resigned.

Shakes Bafana coach once again.

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Soccer is a BIG thing for South Africa, a single game can determine whether the nation stands together or is split right in the middle, and ofcourse any news regarding the team would see a lot of speculation from critics but more so from the fans, which would be the entire country. So on the 24th July when SAFA President, Danny Jordaan announced Ephraim "Shakes" Mashaba as head coach of the South African National football team, Bafana Bafana, what did the nation think of the decision? In 2002 Shakes was appointed coach of the national team and the position lasted almost 2 years when he was then removed from the post in January of 2004.