Oscar's Crocodile Tears

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So we are back at it, the Oscar trail I mean, and boy is there drama. Allow me to be the millionth person to write about this topic. Why do I find myself feeling sorry for him? Is it because of the fact that he gave us crocodile tears with a dash of snot and hint of hysteria? Angazi hey, but I know this, I am not a rock and I know for a fact that many South Africans aren't.

This trail has taken a different turn and many people have suddenly realized that he might have actually made a mistake. Are we suddenly touched because of what we see, is it because of his profile? Is it because of his wealth? But then again I find myself asking, if it was my black brother who had shot his girlfriend by mistake, how would this have panned out?

My black brother who is not as famous or wealthy as Oscar? Someone who has fired shots before because he thought guns where cool, what would have happened? I know this sounds racist and out of order, but think about it and let me know! All I'm saying is chances are, we would have less sympathy because of the stats in our country and the crime rate. Not forgetting the stigma attached to black men, not so wealthy men and definitely those men who cannot express their feelings so freely.

I may be wrong,I may be silly but the fact that I was so moved by this trail and how I suddenly felt sympathy for a man who was willing to kill a person behind closed doors, made me think.

What are your thoughts?

By:Thabi Mnguni @missWami

Will Downs stop Chiefs ??

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The top two ABSA Premiership teams will go head-to-head at FNB Stadium this Saturday night. The game promises to be one of the greatest encounters of the season with both Chiefs and Sundowns highly eyeing the title. Chiefs is sitting on top of the league with 52 points and Sundowns on the second spot with 49 points.

The teams will be level on points should Sundowns walk away with a win. Stuart baxter’s boys will on the other hand be hoping to extend their lead to 6 points and

No such a thing as Free Lunch

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Free lunch is usually very expensive lunch & I wish I could say this often and loud enough to be heard and for girls; especially; to heed the warning. There is no such a thing as a free lunch! If it smells fishy then chances of it being fish are quite high. You will either pay for it now or later but trust me; you will always pay for “free rides”. I’m saying all this on the wake of the release of Tessa Beetge who got released from a Brazilian prison recently after spending 8 years in jail for drug trafficking. Just over 10KG’s of cocaine was found in her luggage at Sao Paulo International Airport.

I vote for a better US!

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A while back I took my brother to go register to be a first time voter. I actually had to convince him to do it, while he made me explain to him; and his friends; why it is so important to ME that he register and vote. I could not believe a young South African Black male could ask me such with the straightest of faces. The reason I am emphasizing his skin tone and nationality is due to the fact that for such a person, I assumed it would be very obvious why he would need to do it. Mind you sometimes I question if he’s aware of his skin tone, Born-frees! I have always thought of voting as a coming of age symbol, if you may. You know; at 16 years you get your license, 18 years you are old enough to vote etc. something to look forward to as you get older.

Not So Happy Valentines for Mzansi

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Today marks a year since Oscar shot his belle while in the bathroom claiming mistaken identity, etc…. Valentine’s day will never be the same and using your boo’s loo while visiting on valentine’s day will require extra guts and caution on the lady’s side because we all know it can become a deadly situation.
Well anyway, it turns out that her parents have received a 3million rand settlement for the damsel’s death from Oscar after suing him and citing loss of income. Fair enough, right? Apparently not! Some people think that it is immoral as it cannot bring her back and they cannot be selling her soul to her “killer”, but…… Well I say life must go on, they cannot be moaning her on hungry stomachs, and she was after all the family’s bread winner.
The only thing I see wrong is that they only claimed 3M. I think they deserved at least half of his worth. Yes sure it will never bring her back but she was a model too which means she could have made a lot more had she been alive. Also crying in a Mercedes will always be better than crying in a Tata! And