College scams

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As we face #januworryvibes many young adults head to big cities to look for abetter life. This is not necessarily a bad thing , however these young adults that have recently matriculated face a lot of challenges. We are tackling "scam colleges".Leaving high school is a challenge on its own,being an adult more over being desperate for a school and being independent.Moving out of home , being cool amongst your peers. All these are minor factors that lead to many parents and kinds being scammed and robbed of their hard earned money and years of study that can never be replaced. The mzansi411 family has gathered a few tips for all you young ones looking for a place to study and better yourselves. Thank us later :).

Tips when looking for a school...Remember the saying "if it sounds too good to be true , it probably is"

- If the college or institution doesn't require a lot of documentation , it's probably a scam

- If the college or institution requires tuition per degree or diploma and not per semester , it's probably a scam

- If the college or institution doesn't have a physical address or office number,it's probably a scam

- If the completion time of the qualification is shorter than the required time , it's probably a scam

- British or international names attract potential students and makes the institution look legit.


To verify that the institution is an accredited one please check with the accreditation body to see if it is acknowledged by the Department of Education.Or visit the Department and get further information .You can also call the South African qualifications Authority (086010 3188) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember also, you have the right to ask for registration documents and course accreditation certificate . Wishing you all the best .

-Siyamthanda Phillip @mtha103


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aUJThousands of south africa's youth with hopes of pursuing various degrees at the University of Johannesburg were left disappointed as most of them were declined the loan. For those wondering what NSFAS is, it is a loan/fund provided by the government to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and academically deserving students wanting to study at a recognized and accredited University or at certain FET colleges.

Can Bafana Bafana be CHANpions?

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CHAN (Championnat d'Afrique des Nations) is a tournament played by 16 African countries, exclusively featuring players who are active in the national championships and qualified to play in the ongoing season, and is only legible for players playing in their countries domestic league. This is a good platform to show that South Africa has the best local players. Gordon Ingesund has failed to win AFCON and to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. South Africa has been drawn in a group with Nigeria, Mali and Mozambique; a pretty easy group with only Nigeria to worry about, some might say but so far this group has had interesting and unexpected results. On 11 January 2014, South Africa beat Mozambique 3-1 with a brace from Bernard Parker and s stunner of a goal from Hlompho Kekana and to everyone's surprise Mali beat Nigeria 2-1 that same evening.

MAJOR signing for Orlando Pirates

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aMajorOrlando Pirates have signed a new striker, Lehlohonolo Majoro, from their rivals, Kaizer Chiefs. It is a known fact that Majoro did not want to renew his contract, that expires in June 2014, with Kaizer Chiefs and that he was looking for a new club. Majoro caused quite a stir in the transfer window by backing out of a swap deal with George Maluleka from SuperSports United because of a supposed pre-contract deal he signed with Orlando Pirates without his agent knowing, but the rumours were later dismissed.

Lehlohonolo was forced to train with the Kaizer Chiefs development deal and he was linked to a move to Ajax Cape town. At the end of it all, it seems Majoro will be a Buccaneer with his agent trying to seal the deal during the transfer window. This is a good signing for Orlando Pirates as they are in need of strikers.

Back to school, goodbye peace of mind

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aSchoolSo yesterday most schools re-opened after the Christmas holidays. Urgh, I must say there is nothing worse than first day of school. I hate it now as a working person as much as I hated it back then when I was a scholar and I can almost guarantee I’m gonna hate it when I’m a mother too.

First of all I just feel sorry for the kids though, the embarrassment of your mother crying in front of your potential friends, get a grip woman you are killing the kid’s street cred. How cute are those nunu’s in their oversized uniform, though? I remember when my new “gym dress” was at least 2 sizes too big for me on my first day. And my aunt would say “uta kula nayona”, yerrrrrrr! I was practically tripping in that thing.