Mzansi411 At "Madiba" Hospital

Written by MJ Mopeli / @MJ_Mopeli.

aTata4I took some time on Monday afternoon to make a turn at the Pretoria Heart Hospital, since its only few blocks away from my office. Just to reward my curiosity on what media crews get up to while awaiting the news about Madiba. There were more than 30 media vehicles and scores of people watching.
What touched me, was seeing all the get-well messages from kids at the hospital entrance. In a way, I felt very close to our icon. I was then confronted by the reality that our greatest hero is actually fighting for his life behind those walls.

Kenny Kunene's Letter to Zuma

Written by Super User.

AKennyDear President Jacob Zuma...

I'm writing this because I've never been more disappointed with the ANC you lead. I was once your fervent supporter, I attended some of those night vigils during your trials, and, like many, I believed you would be the force for change the youth and the poor desperately need in our country. Like many others, I donated to your cause when I was called on, and allowed my facilities to be used for ANC and Youth League meetings, sometimes for unusual meetings where your political comeback was planned.

What is the problem with our football??

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aSafaApparently, the Premier Soccer League (PSL) is among the top 10 richest football leagues in the world. Like most successful leagues all over the world, the PSL gets a large chunk of its revenue from lucrative TV deals and title sponsorships. The South African Football Association (SAFA) also enjoys big sponsorship benefits from companies like ABSA, SAB and Daimler Chrysler. One would expect the standard of our football to be up there with the best in Africa with all this money being pumped into the sport. Naturally, Mzansi should be competing to be the best in Africa both at club and international level.

A Look Into PowerFM

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Power Fm has finally gone live on Tuesday morning after a much anticipated wait since the hype around its launch!

Needless to say, it seemed to be a little bit of a touch-and-go situation when one of the hosts, Lawrence Tlhabane welcomed listeners to Kaya fm. Shame after a burst of laughter in the studio he quickly apologized, corrected himself and welcomed us to the wonderful POWER FM. Mind you, this is his come back gig as he previously worked for Kaya fm, so no wonder the slip of the tongue.

Nigeria Raise African Flag

Written by MJ Mopeli / @MJ_Mopeli.

ANigaNigeria opened their Confederations Cup encounter with a whopping 6-1 victory over Tahiti. The game was played in Belo Horizonte on Monday following a controversy over bonus payments for the Nigerian players. The team only arrived in Brazil 36 hours before the game. Nnamdi Oduamadi scored half of the goals and secured his team a top spot in Group B.