The new VW Golf 7

Written by Super User.

All car lovers, uhmm let me rephrase, All VW lovers will be pleased to know that the new number in the Golf family is finally here..Yes, the new VW Golf 7 is set to hit Mzansi’s shores early 2013. The G7 will be slightly longer and wider than the G6 at a length of 4255mm and width of 1799mm, 56mm and 13mm respectively, which ofcoz makes it bigger than its predecessor with more interior and boot space. It will spot power outputs ranging from 63kW to 110kW almost like the G6 but because it will be 100kg lighter, all models will be a bit quicker than their predecessors. Ok , let me not bore you with ‘car figures’, chances are, they never influence your decision when you have the ‘bank figures’ anyway…right?