"The Gift" ..Great Production

Written by Super User.

It has been a while since I have been this impressed by a local film, I missed it on Sunday I watched it last night. The Gift is an

absolutely amazing movie loved every second of it. The cast is incomparable and impeccable, stunning to say the


They all brought their A game. For me the shinning star of the movie is Tsholofelo Monedi(Former Meme from Muvhango)

who plays Dipuo in the movie she gave a compelling, believable, poignant performance, she deserves an OSCAR.

Well done to the Fergusons for putting together such good quality


If you have not seen it do yourself a favour and catch it this Friday at 9pm on Mzansi.


Written by Terrence Teyonce Hlongwane

Edited by Neo Rams

Pic : Sundayworld

Dating in the 21st century

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It's 2014 and yes a lot of things have changed, I mean women do construction work and I can open my own jar of pickles even if he's sitting on the couch but just how much have things changed and what is past the point of acceptable. Last week I saw a picture of a woman on one knee supposedly proposing to her then boyfriend, to say the least I was a bit shocked being raised in a black family there is a certain order to these things and for specific reasons, but as I mentioned before, it's 2014 and things have changed. But when is change too much? more so with regards to dating and marriage?

As men and women we obviously have different views on the topic so I took my select group of friends which is composed of both the male and female gender just to find out which way they sway. One of my very best friends said for her it's ok to flirt with a guy just to let him know you're interested but anything beyond that is mostly his role to initiate the actual relationship.. another who is also female says asking him out on a casual date and expressing interest in the subtlest manner possible. A "very" Zulu male friend on the other hand said there is nothing wrong with saying what you feel but to quote "who then pays the lobolla if she asks me to marry her? that's a bit much." Another male friend says he has no problem if a woman initiates as we are living in the 21st century but it still does not mean we should let go of our ways that we are accustomed to.

So it would seem that the majority is for women initiating relationships and another friend went as far as saying: "with the men we're living with nowadays we wouldn't get anything done if we waited around for men" and anyway one should never apologise for doing what they feel!!

By : Gugulethu

Bold eye and bright lips...

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The perception that women put makeup on just to enhance their beauty or believe that they do is very understandable for one to have. Women sometimes spend close to an hour in front of a mirror trying to get the matte look from their foundation then move onto the eyes and glossing up their lips. So because so much effort is put into it, it’s fair to assume that something has to be gotten out of it, but is it just achieving a certain look or is there more to conceal than the world believes.

Recently a tweet made the rounds, from what was probably meant as some-what a tease, women could very easily take offence. It read: "To all women who wake up every morning and put makeup on, remember somewhere out there a clown is doing the same thing.” The point that women are somehow making a fool of themselves or perhaps more accurately, clowning around, by making up their faces was clearly being brought up, but surely this is just the perspective of the originator and all those who agree with it, but could it be possible that we're blinded by the very masks painted on every other woman's face, and that the goal to actually keep away the truth from the world is then achieved?

The 'Yellow bone syndrome' - A skin deep issue

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Discrimination based on skin color, or colourism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

Throughout the numerous pigmentations across the world, the lightest-skinned peoples have the highest social status, followed by the brown-skinned, and finally the black-skinned who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

This form of prejudice often results in reduced opportunities for those who are discriminated against on the basis of skin color. In South Africa, the apartheid era emphasized the issue of colour. Blacks were made to feel inferior and denied their birth rights simply because they were the wrong shade/complexion.

The yellow bone phenomenon stems from a black person with a very light skin complexion, the context vary from people who fall in this category would include mixed race or being light-skinned genetically. Black people
come in many different shades.

Yellow fever can be clinically defined as the attraction to beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) light skinned ladies. Dark skinned ladies have pressure to keep up with the societal need to fit and therefore, many would go to risky and life threatening measures to lighten their skin just to have the 'right' complexion...

It is sad to see people who are not comfortable in their own skins nor proud of their heritage. We are who God made us through our DNA and genetics.

By : Brendah Kekana

Interview : Cassper Nyovest

Written by Super User.

He has RISEN!!!  If AKA is the prince of SA hip hop then I guess Cassper Nyovest is the Jesus of Local hip hop. With more than one hit single already, his official first album was released this past week and slayed the other players in the game and that not being the only eventful thing to happen this past week as reports flooded social media that the talented rapper and producer was found dead in a Cape Town hotel room, but we are more than happy to know that those reports were extremely fake. So SA Hip hop step aside because Cassper Nyovest is definitely taking over,  and he's busting out BIG!!!