The Minister With Swag!!

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It is commonly expected of ministers to be serious individuals who always sound diplomatic and not really in touch with general public. But not Fix ‘Razzmatazz’ Mbalula. Fix has captured the hearts of many young South Africans and is arguably Mzansi’s most admired minister. People have gotten to know him more personally than  any other minister through his visibility on social networks. He is extremely active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and he engages his followers on personal level.   

Childhood Holiday Memories

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Watching the children in my complex running around hunting for Easter eggs laid by the Easter bunny this past Easter brought back a lot of fuzzy childhood memories. Of course my memories of Easter and Christmas are far different to those of the (suburban) kids today, but cute nonetheless. Actually, mine are quite hillarious now that I think of it.

When I first moved to JHB I was fascinated by how things are done here. You know, bunnies that lay eggs. I swear chances that I might have spoilt some kid's childhood are quite high because; well; where I come from bunnies never laid eggs and if they did it certainly was not golden ones and I was not too shy to tell any kid within earshot when they started to get excited over the easter bunny. Now that I'm older I fully understand why I wasn't invited to a lot of parties at that age, oh well!!! Look, I was never briefed and wasn't properly broken into the suburban way of things. Mxm the people didn't even bother to serve fish at the main dish at Easter in this side of the world, have u ever!!!!

Degrees aren’t just for ugly girls

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 beautyPut away those boobs and pick up a book. Your social network profile is a picture of your boobs, half naked pictures showing your curvy booty while your school report card shows nothing higher than “D”; excuse the pun. You don’t care coz you got more than 15 retweets, your DM’s are a buzz and so many Avi appreciations you are even “curving” the “thirsty” tweeps. Who needs education when you’ve got attention, right???? And besides, you are a yellowbone so you deserve to get things done for you. Study for who? Work for what? Ain’t nobody got time for that….

Come weekend you are the first to arrive at a “pop bottles” and the bouncers at Cocoon know you by name, that’s what life is about for you, I mean honestly what more is there? I will tell you what’s there, A LIFE. Where you don’t even have to be half naked to be noticed. A piece of paper that opens the doors for you without you having to do the spread eagle. A piece of paper that will get you respect, because honey, life is better lived with your pride and your clothes on.

A chat with Andrianto Ngwana Mosotho

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It’s a chilly Sunday afternoon as I wait for my guest at a restaurant in Midrand. I’m really looking forward to this long overdue chat with this award winning performer. It’s almost impossible to miss him as he enters the restaurant, dressed in a custom Seanamarena hoodie. Andile Mahlangu goes by the stage name of Andrianto Ngwana Mosotho, a talented, humble rapper from Bethlehem in the Free State. Andrianto is amongst a few growing force of Sesotho rappers in the country. His passion for Hip Hop started back in the 90s with influence by West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg and the East Side’s finest, Notorious B.I.G. He has also been greatly influenced by Hip Hop Pantsula, Bongo Maffin, Skwatta Kamp and Brothers of Peace, music which was introduced to him by his brother, Thabiso ‘Biza’ Mahlangu.
This is how it all went down.

A beneficial interaction

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It is said that love is a form of friendship and is the basis of any romantic relationship or marriage. Sitting down and analyzing these statements, it does make sense. Friendship; a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. A type of friendship of two people who care about each other. Romantic love; a stronger form of friendship that involves romance and a formal union of people who love each other.

Just like a building or any type of structure, the base is always important. It supports and holds the structure together. Let us think of romantic love as a structure and friendship being the base. Friendship consists of loyalty, trust, and understanding, supporting and being there for each other. The base is the first and most important phase of building a strong structure. So without friendship, the marriage will not be strong. It will hold on for a while but eventually collapse.

A couple of days ago I was talking to a lady who is in a long term relationship. I asked her how they do it, being in a relationship for so long. Does it not get boring and start wearing out? She simply told me that their love is like friendship on fire, I just nodded at the time but now I understand what she meant. Fire is combustion, or burning in which substances combine chemically with oxygen to typically give out bright light and heat. When starting a fire you need matches, wood, paper and other materials to burn. Without these things, you cannot start a fire. Think back to the previous example I made about a structure. At the end of it all, fire provides light, warmth and healing. It is magical, beautiful and holds power. I’ll leave that right there …

Love and friendship combined is a blessed event, a beneficial interaction. Romantic love or marriage for that matter simply cannot survive without friendship hence the saying “It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” I would think one would dread waking up next to their partner and have to utter the dreadful words “all I know is that I woke up one day and I didn’t have my friend anymore.”

By : Boipelo Mokgothu