Unanswered Prayers

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I’m convinced that we all pray, if not all, at least 90 % of us do. When all has been said to God, when we have cried our hearts out for help to Him, do we all get desired results? I can hear some of you saying “not really”, and other saying “Yes, we do”. It can be really frustrating when people tell you that you must pray for your problem to go away when you know that you have been praying. At times we feel like our prayers are hitting a brick wall. Unanswered prayers make some people doubt or question God’s existence, thus resorting to other worldly solutions. The truth is that worldly solutions can give you desired results or quick-fixes, but they come with unbearable consequences and terrible side-effects. A woman in desperation for money can resort to prostitution and money will come rolling in no time. It goes without saying that repercussions of prostitution will be hideous. The same fate will apply on many other worldly quick-fixes.


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The SA Hip Hop industry has taken a giant leap in recent years, which has seen it being considered as one of the hottest genres in clubs around Mzansi. We chat to one of the biggest names in the Hip Hop scene around Mzansi to find out what he’s all about and get to understand him better. 

Yo Yo DJ ElQue, wassup? (In my best Hip Hop accent and saggy jeans)

hehehe, wadup wadup.

Tell us about yourself, who’s DJ ElQue?

This could end up being an essay so ima keep it short and sweet. well, uhm... Qefate Lerotholi is my full name and surname. It's a 100% Sotho and an inherited name. Practicing Architect by profession and a Music fanatic by choice. Both arts complete who i am (a creative). My love for music started at an early age. My dad had a huge collection of records growing up, ranging from funk to disco and more. After a long day at work, he’d get home and start playing his music on this one interesting tool called a record player, also known as a turn-table. And because I was always a curious kid, I would always find myself breaking its needles in his absence trying to figure it all out-wanting to know how sound travels from a process of placing a needle on a round plastic disc. Years later I was introduced to Deejaying and now getting into the whole production art as well.

Featured Celebrity - Aaron Moloisi

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In this edition of “Featured Celebrity”, we speak to the young and talented Shift presenter, Aaron Moloisi. Many of us were first introduced to the 34 –year-old Aaron back in the days of Take 5. The Limpopo born star continues to be relevant on our screens long after the start of his TV career in 2002. Mzansi411’s MJ took some time to engage Aaron about his life for the sake of our readers.

Featured Artist - SubVerse

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Who is SubVerse?

I'm a dope ass rapper by the name of SubVerse coming out of Rustenburg, North West!! That pretty much sums me up hahaha!!

What changes are you bringing to the local rap game, or are you just planning on jumping onto the wagon and see what happens?

I'm bringing an authenticity and open-mindedness that's lacking in the hip hop scene. A fresh approach, focusing on real issues that affect real people across the country and the continent - more than meaningless punchlines and braggadocio. With tracks like "Love Religion" and "Travel The World" on my EP, you can be sure that I am making more than "bandwagon" rap music that would quickly be forgotten.

Featured Entrepreneur - Nomsa Mokgohloa

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This week’s entrepreneur is the beautiful Nomsa Mokgohloa, owner and founder of NEN Projects. The company focuses on catering and event management and the vision is to become the leading events management company in the Sub-Saharan continent.