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This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712.
Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach
his methods to slave owners there. The term “lynching” is derived from his last name.


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Sir Stakeholder Designs started a 14 days project/campaign where they will be selling T-Shirts in support of the Nelson Mandela 67 Minutes campaign. We would like to raise funds as part of the Nelson Mandela 67 Minutes campaign. We would like to donate a 70% from the amount being made to Nelson Mandela children's Hospital. This is to be part of Nelson Mandela's dream which is: Making world-class healthcare available to the children of Southern Africa through a state-of-the-art facility – the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

We Bring You "Scelo" From Scandal

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AMainSceloMany would remember him for his role as “Jigga” on Generations, and currently as naïve “Scelo” on E-TV’s Scandal. He’s only 17 years old and has already achieved what most people still desire to achieve. Mbulelo Ndlazilwana was born in Springs, Eastrand and is currently a leaner at Benoni High. Mzainsi411 could just not ignore this young talent, and we took time get to know him better.

 The Interview

How and when did your acting career start?
My acting career started in 2004, when my grandparents (Geoffrey Mbenge and Francis) introduced it to me. From then on, I fell in love with it.

What major acting roles have you had?
I’ve had a part in Home Affairs as “Lebo”, in Shreds and Dream as “Nkanyiso”, in Generations as “Jigga” and my current role in Scandal as “Scelo”.

What else do you do besides acting?
I enjoy sports. Like athletics, swimming and I love music very much.

How do you juggle everything?
With help from my parents. I make sure I use my weekends for scripts, so during the week I can focus on school. It’s a matter of using time wisely and as best as possible.

Are you anything like your character, Scelo?
In a way yes, we both have the potential to become great at what we do and will work hard to achieve that goal.

Any new upcoming roles?
At the moment no. As soon as I get more time on my hands I’ll look for other opportunities.