Trapped In Poverty - MJ Mopeli

Written by MJ Mopeli / @MJ_Mopeli.

Most people find it impossible to overcome poverty because it’s no longer just poverty to them, but has turned into a trap which they live in. Their mind sets are so poverty stricken that it becomes almost impossible for them to realise when a door out of the poverty trap opens for them. They become so used to poverty that they can’t imagine themselves living a prosperous life.  I’ve once had a lady colleague who used to send a “Call back” whenever she needed something from me. She would send me a “Call back” even on her pay day. She did not realise that it’s her pay day and she could actually afford to buy airtime and call me. That’s an extent to which poverty can trap a person.

Featured Personality - Khanya Mkangisa

Written by MJ Mopeli / @MJ_Mopeli.

Many would remember her as a young and dynamic YOTV presenter or more recently for her character as Asanda on Zone 14. Khanya Mkangisa continues to make her mark in the TV industry and there’s certainly nothing that can stop this young talent.  Mzansi411’s MJ chats with Khanya and find out what inspires her to be who she is.

Mzansi411 Chats to Rythm City's Pam Andrews

Written by Siyamthanda Phillip - @mtha103.

She got her breakthrough to the lime light in the days of Coca Cola Pop Stars and never looked back since. She is now arguably one of the most vibrant faces on Mzansi TV screens. Mzansi411’s Siyamthada Phillip took time to get up-close and personal with Rhythm City’s Pam Andrews.

Firstly congratulations on your bundle of joy...How are you finding motherhood?

It’s amazing I'm so in love with my son! All I wanna do is love him kiss him & take care of him!! He is beautiful

Featured Hotspot - Mzoli's

Written by Super User.

There’s a different and fairly new wave of night life that has hit the South African night scene. This is a uniquely South African way of a night out in the town. If you find yourself in the Mother City and feel like a night out without the traditional fancy chandeliers and velvet covered walls then why not swop your heels and four- cornered formal shoes for loafers and make your way to Mzoli’s. Opened in 2003, by its owner Mzoli Ngcawuzele in the township of Gugulethu, 15 km’s out of the city center patrons choose

Featured Institutio​n: Vega

Written by Super User.

Welcome to Vega School

To the rule-breakers and the revolutionaries.  To the ones who don't do conformity, and don't do ordinary. To the ones who want to spin the world on it's head. To those of you looking for wisdom with magic.
Vega aims to graduate a new breed of brand thinker; one with the expertise to generate innovative and sustainable brand ideas that solve 21st century problems. As such all courses at Vega, both full time and part time are taught within the context of creating, building and managing healthy sustainable brands.
The Vega School of Brand Leadership’s (Vega) reputation as a leader in brand innovation has again been cemented having recently won one Gold, three Silver, and three Bronze awards, and claiming three out of four craft awards at this year’s Loeries.