Dj ElQue is BACK with a KILLer!

Once again, our local hip hop disk jockey, DJ Elque, hits us with a banger before we head into the Winter Season. This time he’s featuring one of the new boys, Lection, the guy who stunned us with his own Motswako rendition of Migos’ ‘Versace’ called ‘Basadi’.
Mzansi411 links up with DJ Elque on the debut of their new track ‘#DressToKill’.

What up Elque?

-Yo, all good fam…

Last time we had a chat was basically about YOU in general terms. Since then you’ve been working. Do you want to tell us more about what’s been on your drawing board?

-Ya, it’s been a pretty interesting journey for me actually. 2013 was quite a productive year having put out the Be Real video and had a debut of two new artists I am working closely with in a form of a song I titled #Humble. The reception has been great and kept me busy with shows and club gigs. It was only up until December 2013 that things turned for the worst. On the 20th I lost my only younger brother. This was a very difficult time for me and my family and required some time out from the music scene. Over the past three months since that incident, a lot of personal growth happened. I am back, stronger and with more depth in the stories I tell through my music.

We send our condolences to you family.
You have a new song dropping. Do tell us more about it:

I have been playing around with the idea of doing a collabo with a Motswako artist for a while, it was just a matter of who and when. I played a few gigs in 2013 alongside this very talented artist, Lection whom we started chatting about a collabo since then. Time was just not allowing. After the break I took off the industry, I came and decided to work on a ‘happy’ song. Celebrate life and open a new chapter in my life. One Tuesday morning I was driving to gym, listening to a beat tape I had from my young producer TRK and that thought crossed my mind to try one of the beats with Lection. I gave him a call, he was home and available, got to his place, played him the beats and he immediately fell in love. We sat and conceptualized the song and the following day Lection was onto something. The Saturday of that week we were both independently scheduled to perform at a huge festival in Lesotho (20 April 2014) and I thought I would like to have this song done before then so I could test it to the public before the official release. Come Saturday morning the song was done and ready. We got to Lesotho and the response was amazing. Came back to joburg and have since been cleaning up the song, mixing and mastering it for mass distribution.

Any ideas of a video for the song?

-A definite yes. When, I’m not sure but as soon as the song gets enough radio recognition.

Besides this, what and who else are you working with?

-The list is endless. Coming from Lesotho and residing in Johannesburg, I see myself working with S.A and international artists. No boundaries really. In December I had my birthday tour gig in Lesotho and the highlight of it all was travelling with International DJ & Producer Nick Holder. From that a deal to work on a few tracks for my upcoming project was done.

How does one get a hold of you?

- / Twitter: @IamDJELQUE / Facebook: Qefate El-Que Lerotholi or through my agent: Gwen – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To listen to the new #DressToKill track: 

Thanks Bro, Goodluck..

OSCAR: What Really Happened that night… (So I Believe)

Ok, I know we’re all hooked on this Oscar Pistorious Murder Trial with mixed feelings of whether his shooting of Reeva was premediditated, premedditionated, ahhh f*ck it, yall know what im tryna say (that pre what-what word they keep saying on TV)…or if it was really just a case of mistaken identity. Well let me shut it down and wrap this case up once and forall.

So Oscar was chilling on the bed with his iPhone5 32Gig checking out WhatsApp messages and nudes from his sidechicks le bo OOMF ba hae. Reeva noticed that Oscar was smiling with his phone and she started suspecting (You know how women are.. *hides*).

She asked him: “O senang ha kale kale le phone eo ya hao?” Oscar: “Ha se taba ya hao, akere ke phone yaka!”, knowing how nosey women are, Reeva a chamola iPhone ya Oscar and ran to the bathroom with it, locked herself in the toilet, and started going through all the nudes tsa bo OOMF.
Oscar was so furious with Reeva, got off his bed and ‘ran’ after her into the bathroom, only to find out that she locked herself in the toilet.(Akere jwale white people have a bathroom, and then they have a toilet somewhere inside the bathroom…levels boss, levels!)
Oscar: “Bula mona wena sf*be!”, Reeva: “Kea hana! Ke batla ho bona what is it that you don’t want me to see on this stupid phone of yours!”, Oscar: “Bula maan wena pele ke teneha!”, Reeva: “He wena Oscar, Nthabiseng ke mang?? O sendelana di nudes le bo Nthabiseng ba mas*pa! Ibile ere ke mo founele sf*be seo!”.
At this point Oscar got really really mad and started panicking thinking about the implications of Reeva calling bo OOMF. He shouted “ke tlo o thunya o swabe hao sa buli mona! NXA!”. Then Oscar ‘ran’ to his bedroom, switched on the light (Yeah I know he said the lights were off, mara akere rea tseba o mashano dai maan), grabbed his gun from under the bed, went back to the bathroom, and shouted to Reeva once again: “Bula mona pele keo thunya!”, Reeva: “Ntswaki ke mang wena Oscar??”…Oscar wanted to scare Reeva and fired the first shot *GWAAA*, Reeva screamed so loud that Oscar panicked and ‘accidentally’ went on a shooting spree *GWAAA GWAAA GWAAA*…. :(
And unfortunately that was it for the poor girl. *sheds a thug tear*

Knowing that the neighbors probably heard Reeva’s screams and the gunshots, Oscar started screaming like a little girl ho re a ska jumpisa…satane eo!

Well, that’s what I really believe happened that night, ofcoz nobody but Oskido knows the truth. Let’s just chill and hope bra Gerrie Nel drills the truth out of Oscar and justice gets served.

And if my rendition is true, la nkolota!

By: @chatlas

Did Mandla’s ‘D’ get him a million?

Big Brother Mzansi finally came to an end last night after 63 days. Spaza Shop owner, Mandla and the model, Iris became the two finalists for the big prize. Mandla walked away with the price (1 Million) and Iris got the consolation price of 150 000. There is no doubt that Mandla’s shower sex scene with Lexi gained him much popularity with the viewers.

I personally believe that his ‘D’ got him the million. I knew from the onset that Iris, as hot as she is, never stood a chance agaist Mindlos. Big Brother described Mandla as one of the most humble housemates, and I’m sure that most viewers would share same sentiments. The last housemates to be evicted were Loko, Sol, Kat and MK. Congratulations Mandla, and please beware of the Gold diggers.

Miss J

Oscar saga

More than a year after that fateful valentines day, where Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, I still find myself asking how this could have happened.

After reading the latest Sunday Times which gave detailed reports on the matter, I sat down to analyze the whole situation once more. So many things seem to have been erased from the story.
It's also a pity that Reeva is not here to tell us her version.

Ballistics professionals showed that Oscar was indeed on his stumps when he fired the shots.
This ties in with the statement he made saying that he felt vulnerable and was scared for his life.
So many questions arise that I'm sure everyone has already asked. He still says he thought she was an intruder and that he acted to save their lives. Ok, I get that, but there are facts in this story that make me think otherwise.

Why didn't he check on her, isn't that the first thing you would do? I mean we all know how scared we girls get. If it was my man he would probably hide me in a cupboard or something. And why on earth would she take her cellphone to the loo at that time of the night? And lock herself in there? Something just doesn't add up, I mean you guys are an item, what doesn't he know? He knows the smell of your fart and knows that your left bum has a beauty spot.
Anyway now there are reports that he was looking at porn that night, a sign of some trouble on paradise.
It's very hard to keep a clear unbiased head when the media give you so many reasons not to believe he is innocent.
All we know is that the girl was shot more than once. Did he not hear her scream? Did he not worry that the gunshots would scare her, wherever he thought she was?
Yaz I really don't know anymore. But I put myself in his shoes and thought what if it was my brother who shot his girl?
What if it was my dad?

Anyway, I hope that the truth comes out in the end, if innocent, I pray Oscar can live his life and continue with his career. I am still his fan and I'd love to see more action. If he is not innocent, may he tell the truth and set Reeva's soul at rest. And may he be forgiven by his family, friends, the Steenkamps and the world.

By:Thabi Mnguni @missWami


So Boity's fabulous booty was flying around social media earlier today after she posed naked for Marie Claire and boy was it a smash hit. Besides the fact that I am green with envy, I couldn't help but be inspired by how much care she takes to look that way. No seriously that bum is the bomb dot com and obviously mr camera man saw that too.

I was surprised to see how the ladies reacted tho, hai abo sistaz have real issues. A friend of mine tried to go on about how women are sexualized and made objects for men's pleasure. She was shut up in an instant, some even threatened to block her. One tweleb said she thought that this was not the right time for Boity to do the naked campaign. "I just feel that at this point in her career, she should not be associated with naked pictures. We all know how she struggles with roles, who will take her seriously?" she tweeted. When exactly is the right time may I ask? Anyway I loved it!

That other girl from YFM probably can't believe how people photoshopped her to be a shadow in the background, but uzaba strong. Shame she showed abit of boob but that was nothing compared to the masterpiece that was Boity's bum! #leragoLaBoity #Boity'sbum #yourreactionafterseeingboitysbum officially made my day! It's safe to say she can have her bum insured just incase, God forbid, something happend. Infact, the 17th February should be hailed Boity day. I have never seen so many people excited, ever. Not even Mandela's release from prison gave people this much excitement. Ofcourse that's everyone except 89% of the women in SA.

The ones who did like it are her friends and fans, the rest were like so what, it's just a bum! LOL Hai women! The funny thing about all this is that so many black celebs have done this challenge in the past. Hlubi Mboya did it and she showed everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! So grand sharp the reason the ladies are suddenly up in arms is because the black lady in question this time was actually hotter than the average girl? Yho hai ngiyani saba! So what if the guys were raving, it's for a good cause guys! And stop making it sound like she was showcased against her will, these feminists nabo sometimes hai! Anyway, while you guys continue to make her bottom trend, ill be busy with my squats, who knows, maybe my bum will trend soon.


By : Thabi Mnguni @missWami