Kelly Khumalo, Moemish of the week??

aKellyKelly Khumalo certainly got the attention she was looking for when she showed up at Just Curious Awards with her pregnant belly exposed. She kept on smiling while guests and media people rushed to take pictures of her. She continued with the smiles while the co-host Dineo Ranaka made jokes about her being in a cat fight with Senzo Meyiwa’s wife. The jokes didn’t end there, comedian Chris Mapane took off where Dineo ended and also joked about the cat fight.

Nigga ke mmao. Well, I never!

Cleo has a chick though. Who says that? Imagine someone you adore says that to you? Tjo, that is just mean. Mara uCleo naye! Look if I was an artist who released an album and some person came out on twitter and asked me when I would release an album even though I’ve just dropped one a few months ago I would also get mad. But mad at whom, exactly?

Ukwatiswa hini vele lobhuti? If your work is not being recognised that means it is not good enough. Don’t be mad bro, just up your game then. Fact is that I think DJ Cleo’s music all sounds the same but it could be that I’m not the target market so yeah

LuloCafe New Music Video "Crazy"

LuloCrazySikhululo "Lulo Cafe" Maliwa, Audiogasm co-host on MetroFM and one of Mzansi's best house DJs has just dropped his latest video on youtube for his hit single "Crazy" where he features Selina Campbell from the UK. Selina's part of the video was shot that side. Very awesome video, do check it out.

Lulo Cafe is currently working on his upcoming album titled Soul Africa which will be release very soon. Release date still to be confirmed. If the song "Crazy" is anything to go by, then the album is definitely gonna be an audiogasm.

We will keep you posted with regards to the release of the album. Catch him live alongside Naked DJ every Friday on MetroFM from 19.30 to 22.00. Also, do check out his website: for more information regarding his gigs and bookings.

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By: Lindo Radebe /@LyndowR

DJ Shimza Rocked Taboo



So I was at Taboo in Sandton this past Friday for DJ Shimza's Black on Black Birthday Celebration. It was my first time at Taboo. It's a big club, but my gosh it was packed beyond measure! That's understandable though coz the line-up was a crowd puller! The DJ's rocked. The performances by Mi Casa, Pro, Zamo and Dr Malinga were great. Well, I couldn't really see Dr Malinga's performance because I was standing at the back and the crowd was too huge by then for me to move forward and get a better view. However, I could see his legs flying off from where I was standing. He's a very cool man. Oh and can I take a second to quickly thank God for J Something. That guy is just something else man. Such hotness!