FIFA 13 is out!!

Musica Sandton City launched the much anticipated FIFA 13 in the wee hours of the night. Gaming fanatics gathered at the store from Thursday night leading into Friday morning of the 28th of Sep to be amongst  the first to get their hands on the ever so loved football game.

FIFA 13 is available on all platforms and was retailing at R599 on Xbox 360 and PS3.
If you're a real gamer and soccer fanatic, screw FIFA 12 and get your hands on the FIFA 13 now.

Nicky Minaj to get a reality show

Nicky  Minaj is reportedly in line to have her own reality show on the E! Network. Nicky will be joining the growing trend of reality shows around the globe. We have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian making a huge success in the industry and it will be interesting to see how Nicky Minaj will do.

Fans will be happy to know that Minaj has reportedly began to film parts of her show and should get ready to get up close and personal with their star.

Khaya vs Melissa

The much anticipated Idols SA finale is drawing to a close, with only six days to go before the winner is crowned. The competition has gotten tougher, as Khaya for the first time found himself with less votes than Melissa. Even Gareth had figured the battle would be between Monde and Melissa to join Khaya whom he felt was guaranteed a place in the final. Khaya had never taken a spot in the bottom three and was consistent with the leading votes.  Melissa was the first contestant to be sent to the safe zone while Khaya and Monde were left on stage to wonder which of them would be joining Melissa in the finale next Tuesday. 

 After over a million votes, Monde Msutwana's journey came to an end and his fans watched him bid the competition farewell as he performed his Swan Song on stage - his new single. The finale will see Melissa and Khaya battle it out for the SA Idols season 8 title. Both contestants each have a 50 percent chance of being crowned the next SA idol. Journey for the Top2 has been quite memorable, similar yet so different as both contestants come from musical backgrounds, be it at church or through family and both with the same dream, to be crowned the next Idol.

Another Kanye West Sex Tape

A second sex tape that is featuring the famous rapper Kanye West is alleged to be making rounds. This embarrassing footage that is said to be identical to the first one has got the rapper “freaking out”. He claims all these tapes were stolen from his computer.

Unlike the first tape, where Kanye’s lawyer Lisa Buckley confirmed that it was indeed the rapper on the tape, this second tape hasn’t gotten that confirmation. This makes us wonder if this isn’t just a stunt by ‘HATERS’. Though this stunt does raise eyebrows because it is quite clear that the rap star is fond of taking home videos of him in the act, could this be Kanye proving that he can last longer than the last time?

The long awaited arrival of Mother Monster

South African “lil monsters’’ are left with just under 2 months to experience Mother Monster live on stage. Lady Gaga, better known as “Mother Monster” by her fans  said in a number of interviews that she is very excited about her ‘BORN THIS WAY’ tour which will hit JHB & Cape Town, SA in November/December. 

But it looks like her fans are even more excited than she is; computicket reported that the first batch of tickets was sold out in just a week. Even though her visit has caused quite a stir to South Africans, especially Christians who believe ‘’Mother Monster‘’ is ungodly and is not a role model for the youth of this country, there have been petitions on various social networks trying to turn the public against this American superstar visiting our country. “Lil monsters” have stood behind their icon and told these so called haters that Lady Gaga has done more charity work in 2011 than most celebrities and she also supports causes such as Anti-Bullying and HIV/AIDS. All these anti Gaga views have not stopped “lil monsters”.