Talent VS Thembi Seete

Last Friday, there I was minding my own business; ok fine I was watching TV because I have no social life, but this is not about me so……. Moving on; there it was, Thembi Seete’s music video to her new song. At some point I really did wish I had muted the volume because I just don’t get it. I mean the video is hot just like Thembi neh, mara the song itself? *cringe* some of these artists do not respect us. How the hell did someone sit there, listen to her song and then go “yeah, this is a hit song, we can release this to the public”? And then you wonder when we do not buy local artist’s work.
I mean I thought after we forgave her for releasing “ A ke tsibi nkai ketsang” she would be a better person and leave singing to those who know what to do with themselves, mara no! That dream was the shortest lived cos now she’s busting the dust and we are now gonna have to endure that torture on our screens and radios. Someone needs to do the right thing and tell this chick that she has zero singing talent and save us tuh! I mean ubuhle is not considered talent or ngiwrong?

Get over Aka already

So the whole twitterverse was in a big who-ha over Mzansi rapper Aka's tweets about the recent K. Dot concert held in Jozi this past weekend.
Aka retweeted claims that local artists were told not to walk on the main artist’s ramp. Their sets apparently also lacked many of the special effects and quality sound as the main artist.
So what happened was that Aka tweeted about how important it was for local artists to be treated the same as internationals.
He explained that since this was their home ground, these opening act gigs shouldn't be seen as a chance to get recognition.
Yho hai ke SA twitter being what it is hurled all sorts of insults for that statement.
One guy even went as far as saying that until Aka sold out a concert at the Dome he should be humble.
See this? I don't get that. The poor guy is standing up for our artists who deserve proper sound and lights but because it's him, y'all complain.
Ok sharp, so he wasn't one of the opening acts but who cares?
If this was said by Tumi from the Volume or Thandiswa Mazwai it would have been taken as gospel.
But because it's him, he gets crucified.
Allow the guy to live asseblief, allow him to vent and voice his concerns.
And those who keep saying he wants to be SA's Kanye, so what?
That's his business and if that's what he wants to be then so be it!
Yaz at first I thought people hated him because he was always saying how good he was. But now I realize that he is hated for everything.
In short Aka is hated for being Aka.
Remember his twitter spat with Dineo Ranaka who tried to be all big sister on him by telling him to be humble?
That didn't end too well, and in the end it made me realize that people need to mind their own.
Who said he wants to be humble? Why do you assume that he needs to be that?
I honestly don't get it, Beyonce can tell b*cthes to bow down but Aka can't?
Nisile, mxm.
Is it because he is light skinned? Ai mina angisazi serious. Leave the poor man alone.
So what if he is arrogant how does that affect your life? Do you lose anything because of it?
Next time you feel all worked up by Aka or any other artist for that matter, please ask yourself these questions:
1. Will I die because of this?
2. Will I lose a limb?
3. Does this mean less air, shelter food and other living necessities for me?
4. Will I get a raise or, in a worst case scenario, lose my job?

If the answers to these questions are all No, I have one thing to say to you.
Sit down and mind your own.

By Thabi Mnguni @missWami

Death is so damn proud..

It seems that being a celebrity is both a curse and a blessing. Some live a lavish life and die broke. Others become experts in their field only to be forgotten when the next best thing comes along. This so called next best thing is usually a younger version and before we know it, the veterans are tossed aside only to be remembered when they die.
That's when fellow celebrities come in numbers to express their condolences and how talented the person was.

Former Isidingo actress Lesego Motsepe's death had me question the entertainment industry on so many levels. Why do so many of these celebs die with next to nothing? I'm not saying she was broke, but I know for a fact she was not rolling in it either.
Her career in the spotlight had diminished but her talent has never been questioned.
How sad is it that we had almost forgotten about her until she appeared on a magazine cover assuring us she was living happily with HIV?

Remember Vinolia Mashego? How sad is that though, I mean what ever happened to her.
Worse because poverty came with extra kilograms for her. Double trauma!

It's such a shame if she were to die today, we would get SMS's asking for donations to make her dream of being buried in a velvet interior casket come true.

Can we not have a trust find for these people?
A stokveld even that can ensure they live a comfortable life after the fame has subsided or they catch some funky disease.

Think of Baby Jake? He was practically on hand outs before he met his death.
What about Zombo who died as poor as a church mouse?

So here is the plan, I would like to challenge Sophie Ndaba and her side kick Connie Ferguson to open a trust fund for celebs.
The criteria should be based on talent, years in the industry and their reputation. People like Lesego would be eligible for such. I think this would be such a wonderful thing because really, we can't have our beloved dying so sad. We could name the trust fund the "Die Stylish" trust fund for people who know fame.
Celebs can have a debit order that goes directly into the fund, ensuring a reasonably happy ending. That way so many celebs who have worked hard on their life and spent their millions because life is good, can have a happy ending.

 By: Thabi @missWami

Text War Between Bieber and Girlfriend

In the text message conversation, Selena reportedly urged Justin to get help for his alleged drug addiction. After he responded by allegedly sending her naked pictures of himself, Selena reportedly decided to end the whole thing.
“We r done. U need to grow the f**k up,” Selena reportedly said in texts obtained by Radar Online. ”I hope you get jail time. U deserve it at this point.”
That’s when Justin allegedly lost it and texted Selena some of the most horrible things we’ve ever read.
“F**k YOU!!!!!” Justin allegedly responded. “I need to grow up?! HA ok! Enjoy life with OUT ME B***H!!! F**k you. IAM DONE!”
The fight only got uglier after that, and Justin got the last cruel word in, allegedly saying, “Go f**k someone else. Keep that talentless p***y away from me!”

Article Source - hollywoodlife.com

Why Mzansi Loves Minnie and Itu

Unless you’re single, ugly and a hater of all things wonderful, I see no reason why our very own Beyonce and Jay-z of mzansi aren't your favorite couple. Yep, I'm talking about the oh so sexy Minnie Dlamini and her beau Itumeleng Khune. This fabulous couple has me spending hours on Instagram looking at those happy photos and wishing I was a fly on their wall. I simply cannot get over their relationship, it's so perfect yet real, and that's exactly why the rest of the country loves them.

Don't get me started on the success they have made for themselves as individuals. Minnie, who has been in the spotlight since her debut to TV in 2010, has done so much for her brand. Think about it, she has a few endorsements under her belt, acting and her mc gigs to add to that gorgeous smile. Her name is always associated with beauty, elegance and legs worth drooling over. And what about Itu? He may not be a 10 but brother is definitely adding zeros to his bank account. Itu is arguably the best player in mzansi and his work speaks for itself. Put the two together and you have a force to reckon with. Which couple in SA can you think of that can top that?